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Social Enterprise Ontario is a growing network of already over 500 social enterprise practitioners and social entrepreneurs from across the province. There is a sign up to the mailing list at The project is supported (but just barely off the side of our desk) by the Centre for Social Innovation and is a constellation of the Ontario Nonprofit Network.

In addition to SEO, there are many initiatives that are geared to evolving a public policy framework for social enterprise in Ontario and in Canada. This wiki is a tool for everyone.

The purpose of this site is to gather input from a range of practitioners towards the development of a public policy framework for social enterprise in Ontario. There are a number of different initiatives that are in the works (see Tonya Surman's blog on the topic)  and they all lead to us to needing to get some agreement on what we would like to see in Ontario. The government seems interested... the community is keen... now we have to get pen to paper and come together around our 'ask'. 

This wiki attempts to do this... it is organized into several sections:

- Backgrounder and Introduction

- Enhance Enterprise Skills

- Expanding Market Opportunities

- Ensure Access to Capital and Social Investment

- Demonstrating Value of Social Enterprise

- Networking the Social Enterprise Sector

- Social Enterprise Sector Networks

- Resources


In each section you will find a list of policy recommendations. We are looking for your thoughtful additions the policy framework. What are we missing? Are there things that the sector or government could do to support your social enterprise initiatives.  Feel free to use / add / adapt and evolve the framework. The results of this work will inform several processes:


1. Fodder for all policy engagement with decision-makers  through Social Enterprise Ontario and Social Finance Ontario

2. the Ontario Social Economy Roundtable Strategic Planning

3. The Social Enterprise Council of Canada's Cdn Conference on Social Enterprise - Nov 18-21'09 in Toronto


For this process, we are defining social enterprise broadly to include for-profit and nonprofit social enterprise, but you will see that it leans to the needs of the NPO sector in recognition that the for-profit sector already has the bulk of the tools and supports that they need in place.

If you have questions or concerns about what is being evolved, feel free to contact


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